A workstation tailored to the user is immensely important, as you spend several hours a day at your workstation. Here you will find a collection of articles dealing with the subject "Workstation ergonomics and health" and how selecting the right monitor influences your wellbeing.

Our tips and recommendations to help you select a suitable monitor for your home office and learn more about the key technical features.

The right monitor for your home office

In today’s workplace home or remote working is becoming more commonplace. By changing the set up from just laptop to “laptop plus monitor”, home working becomes more comfortable and consequently, more efficient.

How to make home working comfortable and efficient

The importance of setting up ergonomic workstations is a topic that is on everyone’s lips. However, hardly anyone seems to know how to create a good work set-up, and why a well-designed computer workstation is essential from a financial perspective.

How to set up an ergonomic computer workstation

Why do your eyes tire when working on the computer? EIZO supplies the answers

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Research indicates that exposure to blue light emitted by electronic devices after sundown impacts sleep. Since 2010, many of our monitors have been equipped with a blue light reduction feature called "Paper Mode."

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Find out about specific monitor requirements for people with visual impairments.

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